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Guaranteed Pest Control Services

As your local Pest Solution provider, we stand behind our Satisfaction  Guarantee, because we will respect your home as if it was our own, and your peace of mind is important to us. If pests return so will we!


GUARANTEED! If You Need Us, Call Us!

  • With your FREE Pest Home Evaluation, you can be assured that the grounds surrounding your house will be thoroughly inspected for any obvious and potential signs of infestation.
  • This service program is designed to treat the outside of residences by controlling the pests where they live naturally, and with the Pest Innovations system, we create a protective shield to prevent any unwanted pests from getting into your home.
  • By effectively treating the exterior with state-of-the-art pest control materials, we can minimize the need for extensive interior treatments.
  • All treatment materials and applications are provided by our thoroughly trained and certified technicians.

Residential Pest Control In LA,
Orange & San Bernardino Counties

Our residential services are tailored to home-owners, apartment communities, HOAs and property management companies. We offer one-time services, on-call and regularly scheduled maintenance services. Our inspections are free and if you need an escrow termite report, we can provide one to you for a nominal fee. Pest Innovations technicians are state licensed and fully equipped to handle your residential pest problems. Based on your needs and budget, we offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly service. For more information about our residential services, call Pest Innovations today!


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With Pest Innovations Protection: No Pest!  No Problem?

Our Protection System is a customized pest control program ideal for budget-minded families who want to protect their loved ones from invasive disease carrying pests, without the fear of someone spraying some chemical agent that could possibly harm the children, pets or plants in the home.

Outside Your Home

The outside of your home provides thousands of routes for pest to travel, trail, and gain access into your living areas. With today’s advanced microencapsulation chemistry technology, a pest control material can be applied around the exterior of the home. When combined with simple mechanical exclusion processes like caulking and / or sealing insect access points, this pest control service can further minimize the insects’ ability to gain entry into the living areas of your home.

Inside Your Home

The inside of your home should be your inner insect and chemical free sanctum. We don’t want insects or chemicals sharing your living area with you. You, the pets and the kids, are all we want living comfortably inside your home year round with our system.

There may come a rare time where we may need to address an insect issue on the inside of the home, but in most of these cases, they can be solved with mere grams of insect baiting material, still leaving your home bug and chemical spray free!

Quarterly Pest Control Service

Quarterly visits seem to be the perfect control period for homes in the Idaho panhandle. The microencapsulated control materials applied around the foundation of your home degrades in approximately 90 days. In addition, it seems 90 days also provides those pesky insects the opportunity they need to reproduce their nesting capability around your property grounds again.

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Our goal, at all times, is service. This comes first! You can feel confident choosing us for any residential or commercial pest control job because of our excellence in service and workmanship.

Commercial Pest Control In LA,
Orange & San Bernardino Counties

Controlling pests in multi-unit structures like condominiums, apartments, hotels, office buildings and retail centers can be difficult and costly. Pests move easily between walls, so if only one unit is treated, others may start complaining soon. Save money and protect your clients with commercial pest service from Pest Innovations. We have extensive experience providing pest removal services to commercial properties around the Los Angeles area. Whether you need a one time service or you’d like on-going regular pest maintenance, we can customize a plan for your business to keep you pest free.

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Free Inspection Service:

Pest Innovations offers free inspections for bed bugs, termites and pigeons. If you need a termite escrow report, we can provide you one for a nominal fee.


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Our goal, at all times, is service. This comes first! You can feel confident choosing us for any residential or commercial pest control job because of our excellence in service and workmanship.

Retail, Office & Restaurant Pest Control

Keep your tenants pest-free with our regularly scheduled pest service.

Rodents and standard pests like ants and cockroaches can be a nightmare for businesses, restaurants and retail centers. Don’t let pests drive away customers. Pest Innovations will remove any pest infestation in your building. We offer a variety of service packages from one-time, to weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly service. Call us today for more information about our services.



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